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95 Es Sound Help

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Hi all,

I've given up on searching through posts and was hoping some of you guys can help me out. I own a 95 ES300 and am beginning to go through the learning process of car audio...

Is it possible to keep the stock HU while replacing the stock amp in the car? I figured they both accept level line input connectors but the rest I'm new to. (Unless I can afford the Sony CDX-M3DI...$700 HU the stock one will probably stay...) Does anyone have any suggestions, how to do that suggestion, or anything else that can help? I was also looking into the Alpine MRV-F340 and would this even make a difference in the sound using the stock head unit?

Also, has anyone had any good experiences with CDT also? I'm a huge audiophile when it comes to home and studio sound so I thought for my budget Kappas would do well.

Thanks to all for any help that can be given!!! I very very much appreciate it!


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I put the same thing in to. I researched and installed all after market it was alot cheaper. It wasnt that hard either it just took 6 hours to do if you want more info just get back with me I willl help you as much as I can. I'm a new guy in this site i want to pick up for the experienced ones with the information. Let me tellyou the new after market system sounds so good. It worth the money. MOst of your questions has already been answered in past forums. Go aftermarket the difference is like vhs to dvd.

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