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Rear Bumper More!

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I just received my 95 SC300 back from the body shop and it looks very nice. Brand new front and rear bumpers, and paid extra to have the whole thing professionally polished and waxed--smooth and shiny like a baby's butt! However when I went to give it a quick hit with some liquid quick detailer from Meguiar's the ends of the rear bumper caved in a little bit with pressure. Is it because it's a new bumper and it does feel a bit softer? They didn't forget to insert some kind of impact absorbing structure did they? Also just noticed that the trunk has a leeeeetle bit of play in it. Like when I close it and I push and pull on it it barely moves a little bit, but I know it wasn't there before. Is there some kind of rubber mount that they might have forgotten to put in?

I took my car in to get fixed also because after the accident it made a rattling noise when I drove the car when the RPM's were low. They determined that it was the exhaust piping being damaged in the accident and they replaced the whole right side. Now when I drive, it rattles only for like the first minute I back the car out or drive forward and then it disappears after what I'm assuming is the engine/exhaust warming up. Is this a big concern or? I tried to show them but by the time I drive there, it stops and I can't make it make the noise again because I think the car is warmed up!

I bought a spoiler off of Ebay and had painted/polished and installed on my SC. Can I just splice the original third brake light wires into the new spoiler wires? I noticed the male/female receptacles look different. Or is there a way to have both of them light up? Better safe than sorry right?

Last but not least since I have you reading this far, seat memory used to work intermittently, but does not work now. Power mirrors never worked when I bought the vehicle. Also, the passenger side seat sometimes automatically moves back to the original position/moves forward when seat back is leaned forward to assist with loading rear passengers, and sometimes doesn't. Is this something that is all related? Or do you know how much a Lexus mechanic will charge to fix? I can live with it, but would like my vehicle up to par if possible?

Thanks, and hey at least from the outside the car looks GREAT!!!


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That rear bumper cover should not collapes at all, providing it's an OEM. That is really strange. When you bought it (before painting) did you test it--tap/rub/push/pull the Urithane cover? I'm also surprised you had it waxed and polished? Bodyshops recommend that you don't wax it for a year, so that the paint has a chance to bake.

Your trunk lid should not move. It sounds like they didn't tighten the shock or the hinge, and it should be perfectly aligned--evenly spaced on all sides. Do me a favour, put some pictures of the trunk lid and bumper cover on the SC picture gallery w/ link, or as an attachment.

The rattling could be coming from your Exhaust. Check the hangers, by pulling and pushing them, unless it's an aftermarket. If it's rattling don't worry about it that much.

The third brake light can be spliced from the actual one or the nearest brake light cable. You should be able to get a connector that fits, or check with an aftermarket installer. They may have a trick to do it.

The Memory buttons probably needs to be programmed--position, set button, number button, beep.

Your power mirrors probably needs a new motor or something. PM me if you need parts from the manufacturer.

Your pass. seat, almost sounds like there are gremlins in it, if it really changes position when you're not controlling them. If I didn't get that, please explain it in details, one more time.

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