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Windshield Wiper "motor" Sound

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yes mine seem to be louder at times, the motor noticably whines more. it doesnt do it all the time, and this is only audible with no radio and heater fan. when it is 'loud' its definatley somthing that wasnt there when the 400h was new. not to hijack the thread but im having intermittent trouble with my ignition locking up, when i take out the key it is totally stuck in the off position randomly, and no the steering anti theft is not locked up its the ignition. i have to push in and turn hard about twenty to thirty times to get the tumblers to break free. then it works normally for about thirty to fifty startups then bingo its frozen. im trying to make it fail when im at the dealer (ok i can hear the snickering)

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Thanks for your input. I brought the car in to Lexus today. They said there's a part inside that controls where the wiper goes that gets dried out. They lubricated it and it seems to be fine. It took about 5 minutes--no charge.

I had the same issue with the steering and key locking up, too. I had to get a second person to turn the steering wheel while I turned the key.

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I have the wiper noise too, but, it only begins after using the wipers for 30 continous minutes. Then, on the wipe down it makes kind of like a squeek groan, hard to explain it. It is not mechanical sounding, but more like when wipers squeel on the windshield, only much lower in pitch.

I had them look at it, and they lubricated something, but to no effect. I mentioned to them, the problem only occurs after sustained use. Been twice. Next time, I will burn out the motor, this way, they just go ahead and change the damn thing.


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