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Lexus Dealer "free" Car Wash


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I have just picked up my new 08 UL ES 350. I LOVE it. I am a bit concern with the washing care of it though. My husband has a gold LS and he takes it for the free wash all the time. I am a bit concern because of the dark color that swirls and scratches maybe show up more. Does the dealer use microfibre clothes?? Or am I better off buying them and doing it myself. Sometimes, time is hard to find with 3 kids.

Also, any help with potenial hard water spotting?? I am sure they will show nicely on dark blue / black.

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There are posts on this site regarding the terrors of a dealer wash job on a dark finish. Use the search engine to find a few. Most detailing experts here would never allow a Lexus, or any other, mechanical car wash.

I saw one out back of the Lexus dealer with big rotating drums slapping fabric tenacles against a car's finish. I said no thanks to the "free" car wash that was offered after a service appointment. Try this instead:

Also, out of three kids there must be one that could work for "room and board". (Depending on age - dirty diapers are not the best way to dry your car. :lol: )

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Dont do it!

I have Obsidian Black. after picked up in early april I had 3 weeks rain and severe my garage was not yet cleaned out i took it to a car wash (supposedly use only boars hair etc) they surface scratched the hell out of it.

just took it in for the 5k checkup oil chg and told them no wash!

PS - Iam ordering a flex orbital polisher to remove the scratches!

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