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Lexus Es 300 Performance Help


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There's not much of anything out there that's a direct bolt-on (i.e., cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust, performance chip, etc.), and you wouldn't get much performance from one (or a combination of them) anyway. The only mods I've seen are custom stuff done by guys who are comfortable/talented/skilled/capable enough to get into the heart of the engine and totally rework it.... and they've come up with some pretty amazing stuff.

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Thats the thing jstnlyrr,

The car is not a car that can be souped up like a civic. Parts dont really exist for that - because its a luxury car !

The faster you get that into your head the easier the transition will be.

Obviously as with anything, some people that can bend a pipe will be able to whip up some incredible things for -any- sort of car. luxury or not. But understand that they are very few and far between, and they will have very unique cars due to the parts they made themselves.

You bought a luxury car, its all about style and class not speed and power. it has some grunt, but dont expect to add a few things and be on par with a 5.0 shelby mustang ! It will never happen.

At most from the very few mods you can add on, you will gain max 10hp.... wow! that will bring you from like 188 to 190! omg stop the press!

Its not meant for that. just take care of the car, and enjoy the smooth and classy ride. This is waht we are all trying to explain to you. :)

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