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A Quieter Rx300

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Just thought I'd post a few tips I've run into to help keep the wind noise down on the RX300. In Southern Cal we can drive around with the sunroof opened much of the time. Here are some tips to make it a quieter ride.

1. Remove the roof racks. (How often do you really put something up there?) This made a HUGE difference even with the sunroof closed! Just be careful. After unscrewing the "knob bolt", lift the back of rack very slightly and pull back to release front. If you don't do this right you will break the retaining tabs. I also recommend spraying something to lubricate the joints before trying this. I used a window cleaner so that it wouldn't affect the finish on the car.

2. When you open up the sunroof the "deflector" pops up and makes a tremendous amount of wind noise. If you reach up and pull it back down while driving faster than 40 mph you will find that the cabin gets a lot quieter. However, DON'T REMOVE THE DEFLECTOR! I found that if I bent the spring tabs down so that it only sticks up about half as high it works a lot better. You may get some slight buffeting at low speeds. If you do simply bend it back up a little or I just close the sunroof an inch or two.

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I have a great resource for you! I found

which for a low fee provides you with the Technical Service Bulletins for Lexus (and many others). One of the TSBs is how to reduce the "wind throbbing" of the sun roof. Depending upon the mileage on your car this may be covered by warranty. But Lexus will not fix this unless you specifically ask them to.... That's why is so fabulous - there are all kinds of things that are covered by warranty if you only knew to ask!!

Hope that helps!!

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