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1992 Es300


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The other day the final few lights on my instrument panel went out. This, in and by itself, is not a problem. However, at what seems like at approximately the same time, the car developed a problem with the right turn signal. When I put on the right signal, the green turn arrow blinks rapidly. I thought this would indicate that the turn signal bulb is out, but the light bulb indicator, which is functioning, did not come on. In addition, the front and rear turn signals are in fact blinking, albeit rapidly and with less illumination compared to the left.

To add to the craziness, when I turn on the headlights, the speed of the green turn arrow and front and rear turn signals blink even more rapidly! Still thinking I may have a bulb problem I changed the right rear turn signal bulb, but the condition did not change. I would have changed the front one too, but I have no idea how to access it. If anyone thinks the front turn signal bulb may be the problem, please instruct me on how to access the bulb.

As mentioned, this problem seemed to start when the remaining lights on my instrument panel went out the other day. I am now wondering if I have an electrical problem somehow created by more volts (or is it amps) going to my turn signal. While I think the turn light are still 'legal', it is an annoying problem.

Any thoughts on how to remedy this problem would be appreciated.


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