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Whats Better 300 Or 400


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I've had my '95 SC300 5 Speed for 13 years now.

Including tuneups.. I've spent less than $7k for service in that time.

It is by far the most reliable car I've ever owned. (Ive had many cars in my 54 years)

Plus.... The 26 MPG highway is a definite plus these days.

It's not a screaming V8, but it gets past 60 in 2nd gear pretty quickly.

My .02

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You will not be sorry if you buy the SC300. I love mine. I sent you a picture. It is still in perfect shape. Fun to drive. I think it is the most beautiful car

Lexus produced. Looking at them go down the road, or just to see mine in the garage is a good feeling. Of course the color makes a big difference.

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Greatness, Click on link and read the facts about the Sc 300/400, if you still can't decide on a model. Take the Sc that's in the best condition inside and out.

Go with the SC in the best condition you can find. You will be happy with either one I think. Some of the car magazines liked the SC300 more because it handled a little better since it was lighter. Also they liked the in-line six cylinder engine which was not too much slower than the V8. The top speed of both cars was over 140 MPh. You won't get the punch off the line with the 6 cylinder that you will with the V8 - that's about the only downside of the SC300. If you were buying a brand new one I and money was no object (the v8 was about $7500 more new) I might go with the SC400. Buying used to me it's a no -brainer - GET THE SC IN THE BEST CONDITION.

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don't know, but I think is all about age.

I-6 is more of the tuning car for younger people.

V8 is more for people who have moved into a profession or family, and would prefer to have power but need to be more relaxed.

If you have to make a single car decision, then I would select the SC4. Luckily I don't which is why I have three :cheers:

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