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Console Surface Damage Es 330 '05


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I noticed a minor scratch on the drivers side of the console. When I rubbed it with my finger the top surface, flaked off. It appears the top surface is a poly coating on the unlying plastic. Anybody had expereince with repairing the surface coat. Touch up paint???

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I've seen this before. It's trashed but anythings possible now. Try whatever you want. I would suggest trying to get the rest of that stuff off by applying some paint brush cleaner on it. Paint brush cleaner is strong enough to remove dried, cured coatings but it's gentle enough not to damage fine nylon brush bristles. after you apply it, wait about five minutes and go after it gently with a credit card edge. I've used this method to get hard coatings that were peeling off motorcycle windscreens with no problems. It really is gentle.

So, get all the coating off however you can and then lightly sand the surface with 220 grit. clean and wipe thoroughly and then apply coats of clear coat for models.

Testors and Tamiya make great products for plastics

I'll bet with a little skill you can make them look brand new all on your own, for less than five bucks.

The reason you want to get it all off before you paint is because if you don't, that could come up and take your clear coat with it and it would look as bad as before. As soon as you clear coat it, it will look glossy and perfect again. Mine hasn't done this yet but if it does, I'll be doing this.

Good luck!

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