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Winter Tires & Wheels For 2006 Gs300 Awd

Recommended Posts seems to recommend 225/55R16 instead of 215/60R16 which happens to keep your speedometer a little more accurate. 215/60R16 would probably be OK to -- the speedo wouldn't be that much further off. There would be nothing wrong with using the original 17" tire size either.

I would stick with a 225 section size unless you are driving in deep snow most of the winter. You still have to stop on dry pavement and 225 puts a little more rubber on the road.

These days, I doubt if you could find steel wheels for your car. You'll probably have to get alloys. Tire Rack has a number of wheel/tire packages for your car -- assuming they ship to Ontario. Or, better yet, find some used Lexus wheels.

IMO, the most important thing is to buy true winter tires and not just "performance winter" tires. True winter tires have a mountain/snowflake logo on the side wall and provide much better traction than performance winter tires - I've tried both types. I use Bridgestone Blizzaks but there also true winter tires from Dunlop, Michelin, Nokian, etc.

Also, don't your current wheels have pressure sensors? If you want that feature during the winter you will either have to buy a second expensive set of pressure sensors or use your current onces with your snow tires and wheels.

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What winter tires would anyone suggest for my 2006 GS300 AWD, please?

How about the Toyo G02 Plus at 215/60/16, instead of the regular 225/50/17? How about rims - steel or alloy ?

Thanking you

bridlewood......shot in the dark here.....but are you located in the Bridlewood area of Scarborough? Just curious as that's where I'm from originally. B)

As for the addition to what has already been mentioned.....I would seriously consider the Toyo Garit KX or the Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSi. See below for more info. Also if your interested & are in the area I asked about above, I have an excellent tire contact I can set you up prices in the GTA!

Nokian info:

Toyo info:

Hope this helps. B)


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