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Synthetic Engine Oil For 1997 Ls 400 (1uzfe) And Extended Warranty


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1997 Lexus LS400 I have (1UZFE) with 93000 miles, I wonder if I can start using Amsoil synthetic oil (5W-30) for enhanced performance and low oil change frequency (about 15000 mil). I see that the proper procedure is to use Amsoil engine engine flush fluid to clean all the engine deposits, varnish etc and then switch to amsoil synthetic oil for the engine at this time and hopefully for the transmission later on). Do you have positive experince with Amsoil? Pl reply if you have some.

What is the extended warranty you'd suggest? I see a lot of companies but its very subtle to distinguish what's scam. Pl advice. Thanks very much.

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Yes, you can buy 3rd-party used car warranties. I guess they are sort of like home warranties, except most of them are either scams or have too many loopholes for them to be worth your money.

I see no positive advantage to using lubricants like Amsoil and Royal Purple. I don't have experience with Amsoil, but I do know one of their factory reps. I have been meaning to ask him the difference between Amsoil and Royal Purple.

A story about Royal Purple. A family member of mine works for Emerson Power Transmission Company. Long story short, some of their customers expressed an interest in Royal Purple for use Emerson's high-end gearboxes. Skeptical, they hired a 3rd-party company to test the effectiveness of Royal Purple.

2 very large gearboxes, one with regular synthetic oil, and the other with Royal Purple. Both were run in identical environments for an extended period of time. After the test was finished, the gearboxes were opened up and examined.

After examining the gearboxes, they found that the gearbox containing Royal Purple actually had higher levels of wear than the gearbox that was run with regular synthetic oil.

Using Royal Purple in any of Emerson's products voids the warranty.

After hearing this story, I decided to stick with the synthetic blend oil that has been running in my LS since day 1.

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I too, am a big fan of Mobil 1, but with the age of your car and it's milage, I would want to know what type of oil your car has run on the past 11 years and if the previous owners had it changed regularly. I just recently purchased a '96 LS with 153,000 one owner miles. The owner took it in for every service, but only used regular oil. And the engine runs like a swiss watch. So I decided to continue with changing it regularly and use a high quality non-synthetic oil. There is also the possibility of synthetic oils causing leaks and seepage in older seals and gaskets. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. That's another reason I decided to stick with regular oil. Synthetic oil still needs to be changed at regular intervals, and one thing nice about Mobil 1 is that you can purchase it at almost any big box chain store anywhere in the nation, whereas Amsoil can be difficult to find in some locations.

As for extended warranties, you really have to do your homework. I've only purchased an extended warranty once, on a new '03 Corolla S, and I got it through the dealer. It only extended the warranty period for 2 years. The warranty is now over, and I've never had a single problem with the car. So was the extra $800 bucks worth it? In this case, no. Like you said, there are alot of companies out there, all trying to get your money. I guess it all depends on the coverage that is offered. You've probably already checked the internet to see what's available. If you haven't already done so, check with the BBB to see if they have any info on the companies you are interested in. With a vehicle that has the age and milage that your car has, I would think it may be difficult to find decent coverage with a reputable company, because they know that the older the vehicle is, the greater the odds are that something will fail.

It's just a game of odds. What are the odds that your Lexus will have problems in the near future. Would you be better off just putting your money in the bank so it's there in case you need a repair, and if your car doesn't need repair, that money is still there, or paying out a load of cash to a warranty company today, only to never use it because your car doesn't break, or the company goes out of business.

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Oh my Gawd.... Gryphon where are you????????????

I'm fairly new to this forum, so could someone be kind enough to explain this response. thanks.

Several months back, Gryphon posted a study report done by Consumer Reports. I made reference to it in one of the threads about oil, and he posted the report which I read some years back, but could find it anywhere.

This topic (oils, filters, syn vs. dino, etc) is one of the more "hotly debated" ones, and it is still very interesting.

I'll post it tonight when I get home, if someone doesn't.

Thanks for the explanation. I did a quick search but I couldn't find the post or I missed it, there are so many. But I did read a few of the threads concerning filters and oils. After 25 years of working in dealership parts and service departments, I too, still find it interesting. It seemed I would have this discussion at least once or twice a week with customers.

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[quote name='Lexusfreak'

What does that mean SRK? :blink:

Perhaps you recall the followers of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, from a few years back....very zealous, devoted types who believed only what the Rev said, and nothing else.....fixated if you will....and the believers were referred to as "Moonies" consequently.

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