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Help With Turn Signal Relay


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Hello all,

This is my first time posting. Hopefully someone has the answer.

Recently some weird poltergeist stuff has been going on with my car.

At about three in the morning my emergency flashers starting going off. Not the alarm mind you but just the blinkers going crazy as if I had the emergency lights on. It killed my battery by the time my neighbor knocked on my door to tell me what was going on. I jumped the car with some jumper cable and the neighbors car and that was it. Or so I thought.

Last night The same thing happened. Except this time I caught it before it killed my battery. I drove the car around the block to see if that would stop the lights from flashing. Weird because when I started the car the lights stoppded flashing. The blinkers and tailights worked fine. I also tried the emergency button in the middle of the dash and this worked normally too. But as soon as I shut the car off the emergency lights/indicators came right back on. Possessed!! I popped open the hood and pulled the fuse for the indicator lights to stop flashing and not to kill my battery.

I found a similiar post on here about this happening to some guy's wifes car and he replaced the turn signal relay.

I am going to try this.

Can anyone tell me where this is located, how difficult it is to replace, tools needed etc. Or if I should just take it into the dealer and have it done....

I have a 2002 Lexus IS300. Automatic transmission

I am a girl and I always feel like I get taken ;) at autorepair locations and or dealerships so I'm going to try and do it myself!



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