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Ls 430 - "headlight Leveling" Error Display


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Has anyone heard about or experienced this kind of problem before?

I've head through word of mouth this might be a touchy thing particular to this model, that's expensive to resolve?

Please share or point me towards any info you might have with this new owner of a very gently used & well serviced LS430...

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I don't have a LS430 but I can tell you that there is a four page diagnostic procedure for the headlight leveling system in the repair manual set for my 2000 LS400. The diagnostic procedure requires a continuity tester, a voltmeter and an oscilloscope.

On my LS400, there is supposedly a fuse ("PWR-IG") in the fuse box in the engine compartment that supports the headlight leveling system but I checked and can not find a fuse labeled that way.

And there is a "height control sensor" at the front and back of the car -- these are known to occasionally go bad or get knocked loose. And the "actuators" on each headlight. And the ECU for the headlight leveling system -- supposedly behind the glove compartment on my 00 LS400.

I guess the first thing to check would be that all the fuses are good -- you don't have to remove the fuses to check them.

I did a search on several forums and found little information on headlight leveling system problems -- apparently the system is usually trouble free unless a car has been in a crash and improperly repaired.

If you are a new owner, I would encourage you to find a good independent repair shop. I've been using the same indie Lexus/Toyota shop here in Kansas for almost ten years and the service and prices are way better than at the Lexus dealer. But I sometimes use the Lexus dealer too.

These are very complex cars and many of the systems in the cars are way beyond what an untrained person can handle. A good mechanic who knows these cars can often quickly zero in on the problem and save you time and money.

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