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Jittering At 100-120kmh


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The other weekend I decided it would be a great idea for my friend to take my car out for a spin, little did I know that thats actually what he would do... He came around a 90 degree 35kmh corner at about 60-70ish, which would have been fine except he planted boot on the apex, and of course the backend slid out and the car ended up going completely perpendicular to the road at about 80kmh.

Later I found out that this caused sidewall damage to my front left tire, with a little bump, and at the same time my car started jittering (this is the best way I can describe it) at 100ish. I took it into the dealership and asked them to sort out the jittering, and they told me to replace the tires and it would fix it. Two new tires later and the soarer still jitters when I get to about 100. It is smooth up until then, and goes away again at about 120 onwards.

Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this before? The only thing I can think of is that it has slightly bent something somewhere. The only other thing that I thought of was that when I had my right steering boot replaced, the mechanic had to actually take off part of the steering mechanisim, and just threaded back on to about as many turns as he took to get it off. He mentioned I may need to get a wheel alignment after that, but the mechanic who told me it was the tyre assured me that it wouldn't be a wheel alignment issue.

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Had a wheel alignment done last week, still got the same problem. Looks like it may be a bent rim. On closer inspection as well, the front right rim has 6 balance weights, whereas the front left has about 20 of them!

I'm taking the rim in to get straightened in the weeked, then rebalanced. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Will post later :)

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