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Replacement Charcoal Cannister


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I've had a check engine light on/off for quite a while and it's the P0440 emission problem - no other codes at all - ever. I had swapped the fuel cap and looked for leaks. The "tube" on the air intake is connected.

I took it to a shop who smoke tested it and found no leaks, then did an electrical diagnosis and found most of it works, but they can't check the fuel pressure sensor with their scanner. They called me and told me that they weren't sure what to do because the next step for them would be to start swapping in parts. They suggested that the dealer might be able to do a bit more - or I could swap in parts.

I'm quite "handy" and don't mind a challenge, so I'm willing to swap in the whole charcoal cannister if I can find one.

Can anyone direct me to an on-line parts place that would handle this? Does anyone know the lexus or toyota part # (2000 RX300 awd)?


p.s. Oh - I almost forgot the best part. The shop refused to let me pay them for their work because they weren't able to really contribute to solving the problem. You can BET that I'll be going back there again!

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There's a TSB out on this... there's a tendency for the early model year RX's to have a phantom code for the charcoal canister. It comes on... then goes off... and it seems they don't know why. You can change it if you want, but the cheapest I've ever seen for this part is ~$400.

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So another year has gone by - and I still have the same single code, no others - and, because I haven't done anything, no resolution.

Recently, I found this paper.

My RX300 is a 2000 model, so I have a LATE model evap system.

If I read this paper correctly, the P0441 test PRECEDES the P0440 test. In my logic, that says that the pressure sensor must be working and able to see a vacuum initially. Since it fails at the next test with a P0440 rather than a P0442, there must be a BIG leak in some other part of the system. (I get ONLY P0440 code - very reliably.)

I've had the tank smoke tested, etc and have NO problems there.

With this understanding, am I correct in assuming that the canister is "bad"? Is there any other possible interpretation??

With this change, as I understand it, the system should now throw P0441 because it won't detect any vacuum.

Any help on this would be appreciated...

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I'll hope this helps someone...

Before doing this, I tried a number of things including removal and cleaning of the little solenoid valve on this part - no go.

So, I replaced the canister and it's all good!

The part is called a vapor canister and was found here:

It cost about $335 with shipping. OEM part came from a Florida dealer. Took about an hour to swap out. The light has been off for about 10 days and all the ready codes are "yes". We're done!

Again, the only code I EVER got was P0440.

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