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Premature Tire Wear


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I've got a 2006 GS430. I'm the original owner. Have done all recommended service, including rotation and balance of tires at recommended intervals. I neither drive the car aggressively nor much (19K miles on it presently). Recently, while having a slow leak patched on one of the original Dunlops, it was brought to my attention (by an independent Dunlop dealer), that all four of my tires had worn severely on the inside shoulder (not easily visible from the outside) in a scalloped shape. The rest of the tread is in good condition (another 10-15k easily). Initially, I figured an alignment issue.

I have since found numerous threads (including one on this site) indicating that this seems to be a widespread problem with several sporty Lexus models including the 400s. My local dealer has confirmed this. The service manager said it was an issue that Lexus was aware of and that proper balance, rotation and alignment would not correct the uneven tire wear. The service manager stated that it was a function of the suspension on the cars, and that I (we) should anticipate getting about 20k miles on each set of tires I (we) put on the(se) car(s). In my opinion, sport suspension or not, the tires should wear evenly when properly balanced, rotated and aligned.

So, in essence, my interpretation is that this is an engineering flaw in the suspension that, currently, Lexus does not, will not, or can't correct. Indeed, if it is widespread in various models, they may be reluctant to correct the issue through a recall due to the potential expense.

Perhaps this is just a few vehicles, perhaps not. You may want to check your tires, by turning the wheel all the way in one direction while parked. Inspect the inside shoulder for wear. On one thread the owner didn't realize the problem until he had a blowout. If you find you are having the same premature tire wear issue and find a solution, please let me know.

If there is, indeed, no solution and you find this unacceptable. Do what I did and file a complaint at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Office of Defects Investigation (ODI). Go to and have your VIN number.

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