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Painted Factory Wheels


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Hello, welcome to the LOC.

Nice wheels there. Did you have them powder coated? or are they base/clear? Can we get a close up shot of them? From a short distance they look good. How long have you had them on? We have another member here who just had his rims done. Flop 170's came out really nice also.

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thanks, I did do them myself. All I did was scuff them up mask off tires and spray, I used high temp engine paint cause that's the only paint I found in that color. Came out pretty good for quick job. I prob will use a primer next time to try and hide some deeper scratches. Will post close up pic of rim when I get home.

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No offense, but it made me think of all the Royal Blue Subaru WRX's that are running around here...

I'd do the same to my car, black in color but I have so many dings and kurbs from the previous owner... how much will that primer actually fill?

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If your thinking about painting your stock rims, then I would take them off and sand the dings and curb rash off first, get em good and smooth again, and then take them in and have them powder coated. IF you can't do that, then I would think about polishing them and just clear coating them yourself. I guess Flop doesn't like to post pics of his rims,( hint hint Flop! :rolleyes: )

I think his turned out really nice.

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