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Tires Pressure

Abu Nasser

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My ES350 comes without tires pressure, can I install it easy if I bought it from ebay?



Before you go further, make sure the the tire pressure warning system will provide what you are wanting.

The system in the ES350 does not display tire pressure by tire location. It only turns on a dash light if one of the 5 tires is low, it is up to you to determine which one.

This is our second Lexus ES, but the first one with a tire pressure warning system. Overall we like the new ES, but I have two disappointments with it, the TPWS being one of them and setting of customer customization options being the others.

My other two vehicles are from GM (Silverado and Corvette) and both of those vehicles display the pressure for each tire by name. Also, all of the customer customization options can be set for the Driver Information Center (DIC), no need to make an appointment with the dealer.


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Dear mhawkin1

Excuse my English, I have ES350 07 UL package and our local dealer brought it without some feature:

- Tires Pressure.

- Radar system.

- Satellite Radio.

- Garage opener.

but I really want Tires Pressure because it's useful feature.

So I'm wondering if I bought Tires Pressure sensor from USA, can I easily install it with my car?

Thanks for reply. :)


Dear Blayd

I want Tire pressure sensor as it is on ES350 USA version not any other brand, because it will show warring in the car dash.


Dear jbeidl

Your reply helpful, I want the exact system on ES350 USA version, I really don't care if it only turn on dash without determine which tire has low pressure.

As you said American car determine which tire and it's pressure (My brother had Yukon 08 and my other had Superban 07).

Thanks a lot guys for help. :)

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There would be a lot of parts required to add this feature. In addition to the 5 wheel sensors/transmitters there are a Tire Pressure Warning Receiver, a Tire Pressure Warning ECU and several switches. There are possibly additional items needed. I have no idea if the required cables for these additional devices are in your vehicle or will have to be added. You will also need the help of a Lexus or Toyota dealer as a Techstream tool is required for setup.

I would check with your local dealers to see if they have ever done this and have a list of all of the required components.

Good luck,


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