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No Help From Lexus


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This is my fourth lexus and never had a problem with a dealer, untill i delt with Tri-County they are the worst. I talked my dad into buying a lexus, after he owned gm's for 50 years, and he had a promblem with the dealer also. Eight of my relative now own lexus, and I have been telling them about the problems with the dealer, and no help from lexus. P.S. not to mention all the toyota cars and trucks we bought. Lexus Corp has not helped, and I've been through 3 reps and no one calls back after many messages. I've heard many good things about BMW, and I think it is time for a change. My cousin tells me to try one, so we are looking at a 6 series for him, and a 5 series for my son, any feedback, please let me know. :angry::angry:

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As Aok says, can't comment much without any details. Nevertheless, with as much Toyota product in your family as you mention, you should be getting some satisfaction. As SW suggests, each dealer operates independantly, but often varying responses from the same dealer to two unrelated owners result from different approaches by the owners. Can't say if that applies in your case.

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