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Have Remote Starter...err But Where Is It ?


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Always something eh ? Ok so when I bought the car, I found a little remote with 2 buttons just tossed into the glovebox. With no regard for my own saftey I pressed the buttons on said remote (bomb anyone? lol) and nothing happened. having no time to deal with that back in the glovebox it went.

Fast forward to today. im looking at everything again. I'm 99% sure its for a remote starter. just above the rearview mirror is one of those little square boxes stuck to the windshield with 2 mini-wire metal needles sticking out towards the sides.

I popped the little remote to check the batteries....all the contacts are coroded inside...nice.. <_<

Being a complete idiot when it comes to remote starters, I have no idea where to start looking as to the brand,make, etc of this car starter. NOR the location of where they are normally installed to get a name of the company or something to get a replacement.



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A typical place for the box to be mounted is on the inside of the firewall, on the left side, tucked up underneath the dash near your left foot (if you were driving). You can always trace the antenna receiver box wires by pulling up the trim a little on the ceiling and going from there in case it's elsewhere. It's probably zip-tied up there somewhere near the brake pedal.

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