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Won't Start...!


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My 1999 RX300 won't start ... The battery's fully charged, and it turns over fine. I noticed that when the key is in the ON position, the dash lights are all on as normal, and the fuel gauge is at 1/2.

But when I turn the key to start, it turns over, but the dash goes mostly black, and the fuel gauge goes to Empty, as if there's some kind of electric or ground problem. It feels like there's no spark or no fuel.

I replaced the EFI Relay, thinking that maybe no gas was getting to the cylinders, but that didn't work. I have the backseats all out, and am deciding on whether to replace the fuel sender/pump unit, but not sure that's the problem either.

Has anyone had a problem like this, or ideas... the only good news is that the car died in my driveway :) Thanks!!

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Do you hear the fuel pump opperate when you turn on the key? Have you pulled a spark plug and checked for spark? Check your battery voltage when the engine is turning over trying to start.

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