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Shift Knob

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I am interested in buying a new LS460 and i thought i would look at them while the dealer was closed to get a better gauge of what they had on the lot without picking a dealer yet. As I was checking them out I noticed they all had the shift knob off of them. I would guess that the dealer has done this since they were new, but why? The only thing left was the metal rod coming out of the console that the shift knob goes over. Are these stolen often? Is it something I will have to worry about later? Thanks.

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Maybe the dealer did it to help prevent the entire vehicle from being stolen but anyone could still put it into gear so that does not make any sense. I doubt someone stole al of the shifter knobs though. I would definatally not worry about it in any case.

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I think they ship from Lexus that way. The shift knob just screws on, and I think it comes in a package and the dealer installs it when they do their inventory prep. Some dealers install it then, some wait for the pre-delivery prep.

Same is true of wheel center caps, etc, they all ship uninstalled.

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