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Vin Decode Lx570


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Is there anywhere I can go to decode the VIN number on my Lexus LX570 JTJHY00W484005509 as below:

Ask for description of 4th to 8th digit JHY00W. :o

1 J Japan

2 T Lexus

3 J ?

4 H ?

5 Y ?

6 0 ?

7 0 ?

8 W ?

9 4 Check digit

10 8 Model year 2008

11 4 Sequential Number

12 0 Sequential Number

13 0 Sequential Number

14 5 Sequential Number

15 5 Sequential Number

16 0 Sequential Number

17 9 Sequential Number

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I have not found a website that describes exactly which fragment of data is represented by VIN position 4 - 8 but one of these websites should help:

The "T" in the second position of the VIN represents the manufacturer instead of the brand. T = Toyota

The third position ("J") apparently represents the Lexus division.

The main thing I remember from working with VINs at the insurance company from which I recently retired is that VINs sometimes do not contain enough information to charge an appropriate (i.e. high enough) rate. The VIN does not describe all the options a vehicle may have.

I suspect that the people who came up with the idea of a 17 position VIN have been kicking themselves ever since for not making it longer to allow the inclusion of more information -- but it is way better than the 10 digit VIN that was in use when I got into the business.

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3) Vehicle Type; J = Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle

4) Body Type/Drive Type; H = 4Dr Wagon 4WD, 5Dr Wagon 4WD

5) Engine Family; Y = 3UR-FE

6) Series; 0 = URJ201

7) Restraint System/Grade; 0 = Manual Belts w/ 2 Airbags, Side Airbags, and

Curtain Shield Airbags (Front & Rear Seats)

8) Car Line; W = LX570


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