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Spark Plugs - Es300 1995


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Hey there. Just recieved the package with the NGK laser platinum BKR5EP-11 3440. I ordered spark plugs for ES300 1995, but NGK's website is saying, that BKR5EP is for GS300 (same year) and BKR6EP for ES300. I made a call back to that shop, they said, that it will be OK, or I can send them back to rechange. What should I do? Can I use them without getting to trouble?

Thanks for answer

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Here's a posting from Toysrme from a while back... he's a pretty sharp guy with a lot of info. The GS300 engine I believe is a 2JZGE, where the ES300 engine is a 1MZ-FE. The different numbers on the spark plugs refer to the 'heat' of the plug (but the difference in these plugs aren't that much... here's the breakdown chart: ), then you probably want the right heat in a plug for the engine and compression. I would send them back and get the right ones, but then I wouldn't get Platinum either. I would go for the Iridium and never have to worry about plugs again.

ToysrmeJun 9 2006, 02:15 PM

<insert post where brandon says, "that parts guy is a dumbass" here>

I wrote everything you might ever want to know about sparkplugs here

The final breakdown on what I recommend:


Engine: - plug code, part number, pre-set gap

Stock VS 1 heat range colder w' stock gap VS 1 heat range colder w' no preset gap (0.0315"). (Where applicable.)

2vz-fe - BCPR6ES-11 6779 0.044 - BCPR7ES-11 1095 0.044 - BCPR7ES 3330 0.0315

3vz-fe - BCPR6ES-11 6779 0.044 - BCPR7ES-11 1095 0.044 - BCPR7ES 3330 0.0315

1mz-fe - BKR6ES-11 5553 0.044 - BKR7ES-11 2387 0.044

3mz-fe - BKR6ES 3783 0.044 - BKR7ES-11 2387 0.044


3vz-e - BKR5ES 2460 0.032 - BKR6ES-11 5553 0.044

5vz-fe - BKR5EKB-11 3967 0.044 - BKR6ES 5553 0.044 - BKR6ES-11 5553 0.044 - BKR6ES 3783 0.015

Then you get into copper VS iridium. Iridium plugs are better.

The ceveat is that for the cost of ONE iridum plug, you can change all the spakr plugs to copper, drive around 60,000 miles, then change them again for the cost of one more iridium plug.

Platinums are now irrelevant.

If you want more expencive than copper plugs, don't be a cheap butt & just go for iridiums.

Some of yall paying sub $10 a plug for iridium plugs take note. Those are most likely old style OEM iridium plugs. Not the newer style.

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