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Adding A Single Din Front Dvd To Non-nav


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Has anyone done this (or know if it can be done) - add a single DIN DVD (motorized 7" screen) to a non-NAV GX-470. I have an '04 with out Nav, but it has the in-dash 6 CD changer.

I want to keep the changer, but was interested in adding a DVD unit for video, can I keep all the functionality I have now, but add the DVD? Looks like there may be space for a single DIN unit below the a/c controls?

Thanks for any help.

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So you are thinking about adding one of those single din DVD players where the screen flips up and folds in when not in use? Honestly, I remember someone doing this, not below the a/c though. But if you are thinking about doing that, in short, you are keeping the stock radio but just adding the flip up DVD player?

The one GX I remember seeing, the person removed his stock non-Navi radio and installed a flip up DVD monitor like what you are thinking of. But since the space of the stock radio is so big, that person had to custom make a plastic plate that would cover up the area around the DVD player so that there isn't the big hole there.

Only thing I dont remember is if that member was able to KEEP the 6-disc with his new DVD player. :unsure:

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Yes, exactly.

I want to keep the existing radio and 6-disc changer and just add the flip-up DVD player. If I had to remove the stock radio I would just get a big 7" screen DVD (double DIN), but I want to avoid that if possible. I mean the existing changer works great, I was just thinking about adding video to the mix.

I see what you are saying about a custom plate, but not really looking to do that. Now, if I do remove the stock radio I will probably have to get a new changer since the existing one sits inside the dash and integrated with the slot load, correct? I doubt if an aftermarket head unit will be able to use the stock changer, but I can ask around.

Last question, if I do replace the stock with a double din DVD screen and end up getting a new changer I would probably have to mount it underneath the dash or something (maybe with the new MP3 player units I would not really need a changer, huh?) question is, would the cortrols on the steering wheel still work with an aftermarket stereo?

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