How To: Oil And Oil Filter Change For Is250awd

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Hey IS250_Rookie, thanks for your great information.

I just did the oil change for my 2009 RX350. rx350 has very similar oil pan and oil filter as IS250. I couldn't get the small bolt off the oil filter housing. When I opened the small bolt, the whole metal casing came out, not the small bolt. Do you have any tips to open the small bolt?

It could be just on there too tight. My only suggestion is to use some elbow greese. I personally have a problem with it too. I torqued it to spec last time I did my oil change and later on I couldn't open it again(stupid me)....should've just hand tightened it like usual. The only downside to not being able to open the drain bolt on the filter housing is that you can't drain the filter before opening it up, so it's just a bit messy.

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