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Silver Center Console On Is-f To Replace Is350 Wood

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I want to replace the wood trimming on my IS350 with the IS-F Silver Carbon Fiber. I went to a parts department to check it out and they are asking $1947.92 for just the center console. Not including the front and back side pieces. Where can I find this? I also have an Audi A4, I have found a number of sites that have OEM parts for a fraction of the Dealer prices. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do for a site similar to Lexus?

I just got another quote and for the whole replacement of wood parts to the Silver would be about $3000 not installed.

That seems very high and ridiculous.

Thanks, Mike

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Thanks a bunch the Swell website is great. I still think I am just screwed unless I find a totaled IS-F in a junk yard to pull the other stuff out. (doubt that will happen).

Actually, your screwed as the IS-F center console won't fit the ISX50's anyway. They're different. You'll have to get a Carbon Fiber ISX50. carson has them but they're crazy dollars and it's a 4 month wait to get em.

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