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Michelin Primacy Mxv4 Discontinued...


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Yep. Here's the email from Michelin:

Dear Mr Withrow,

The Michelin Primacy MXV4 line was introduced in June, 2007 with much

success. The Energy MXV4 S8 is available as original equipment on many

vehicles such as Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai. Due to original equipment

requirements and market conditions production of the Primacy MXV4 in size

215/60R16 94V has been temporarily suspended. All other sizes of the

Primacy MXV4 are in production.

The Energy MXV4 S8 would be a great choice for your vehicle.

Thanks for your inquiry and thanks for choosing Michelin.

That includes the H rated tire too.

I think that particular size is whats found on the stock Accord and Camry, and they come with the S8's. Maybe that has a bearing on it?

The S8's have much lower treadwear and aren't as well regarded, plus they're more expensive! I let the Michelin rep know that too...

I also just realized I posted this in the wrong forum lol, oh well. Better moderate myself!

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Re-read the e-mail that you received from Michelin and you'll find your answer....

All manufacturers of anything that pertains to automobiles are being hit hard by the recession, including the tire companies. Factories are being scaled back, shifts are being cancelled, workers are being laid off, and products are being shelved or discontinued. Profit margins are under the greatest scrutiny they've been exposed to since the 2001/2002 timeframe. Your Michelin e-mail states that this tire in your size is a "temporary" discontinuation - that may or may not prove to be the case and only time will tell....

But you're correct about the S8 version - it is definitely inferior. If you can't get the Primacy now, I would either continue to stretch your current tires or look for something other than the S8. Perhaps a Dunlop tire....

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Yep, once I re read it I noticed that too, due to "market conditions". The materials used to make tires have become a lot more expensive (petroleum based). Since they make the S8's and have to in that size since its common and they're original equipmenton the Camry and Accord I'm sure you're right

I agree, I'm not going to buy the S8's. Wouldn't make sense to pay more for them and have lesser treadwear. I like my Bridgestone Turanza LS-Vs but the LS tire line has been discontinued and replaced with the Turanza Serenity tire which quess what...they don't make in my size!

I'm going to go ahead and order the Primacy's now. I've had experience several sets of Dunlop tires on my Dad's LSes, the Sp Sport 4000 is a nice quiet tire but very poor treadwear, the SP Sport 5000 is a little less quiet but with only a little better treadwear. Toyo makes a new grand touring tire called the Versado, but I was so displeased with how my Toyo Proxes TPT's aged I'm dubious.

There's not a whole lot else to buy for this car. I would probably order a set of old Michelin MXV4+ which you can still get on TireRack before I bought the S8s. Or I might try the Michelin Exaltos.

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There's not a whole lot else to buy for this car. I would probably order a set of old Michelin MXV4+ which you can still get on TireRack before I bought the S8s. Or I might try the Michelin Exaltos.

I went for the v-rated exaltos from costco.. .not a single complaint.. 50k later I'm about ready to get a second set. I'm very satisfied with the life and performance I got out of those tires.

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Now they have another Primacy MXV4 out in that size for a few dollars more, but it has a treadwear rating of 500 vs 620. Weird...

I'm not sure whether I want the old 620 still on closeout or the new 500, the 500 is likely to have softer rubbers and be a little quieter & smoother...

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Yeah they're on the way. I ordered the new Primacy, the 500 treadwear 94H service load (vs 620 95H) figuring they'd ride softer, they also have a 60,000 mile warranty.

They should be here and on the car by late next week. I have a nail in one of my tires now and have to fill it up with air every couple days lol, its time.

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