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Driving Bliss


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I just drove what I consider "perfect" driving conditions. Winding road through hills and farm fields, nobody in the car with me, no other cars around me, 66 degrees, all 4 windows and moon roof open, and Jazz music playing loud on the XM radio!

I LOVE driving my car on nights like these! :D


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Top down, driving between Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain to Torremolinos via The Rock of Gibralter, Trafauger, and Malaga. To my right the Atlantic than the Mediterean Sea with the coastal range of North Africa in the distance...Those were the days, racing my friends to see if we could beat the 1 hour 45 minutes record of an old aquantance (did it in an alfa rameo coupe). God I miss those days....The fifteen inch wheels of my Triumph TR250 with IRS and the manly straight six, with laycock de normanville tranny shifting up and down the gears to meet the demands of the road. Oh to be 22 years old and push the limits again....Used to do this a lot, top down in the winter with the heater blowing max to keep up with the, fun, fun, gone.......................

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For me: Late July, 8:30 pm, 83 degree water temp, 22 Ft Boston Whaler, Wilmington NC, 5 hours of sitting in the sun drinking beer while fishing a few miles off shore with my buddies, making that big wide left turn around the channel marker into the Inner Coastal Waterway (ICW) from Figure 8 island, heading south under the drawbridge at 45 mph towards home. Sun setting to the right, beer buzz chillin' to the left, and some "Tuesdays' Gone" by Skynyrd rattling around in the middle with the wind in your face, salt water spray in your hair, and the slight humming of twin Yahmaha 225's in the back ground. To me, that's most peaceful moment of my life and hope to get it back someday. Damn, I miss it something awful sometimes.

You didn't say it had to be "car" related! ;)

OR: being the only boat on the water and slowly crawling along the side of the ICW around midnight after too many beers and shrimps at Docksides and realizing the next morning while you're having your coffee and looking out your kitchen window at your buddies in their boats looking at the back of yours sitting in your dock, that you've got a dozen of their crab-pots wrapped around the prop. That's a one-time only mistake, but funny.

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