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Instrument Panel Lights Dimming


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'05 RX330

Just noticed the instrument panel lights dim, then get bright 20 seconds later, then dim again a bit later. Stopped with engine running while bright and stayed same for next minute or two until I shut off. AC was on, but I didn't hear compressor kicking on/of. Raining, and wipers were working intermittently, but I didn't notice any correlation. Had a possible battery issue last month (went dead in 30 day non use period). Any ideas?


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My guess is you have a short or some other electrical issue, any chance the car is still under warranty?

Usually if you take it to the dealer and the problem doesn't "happen for them", you can video tape the issue and show them the recordings. I saw someone do that this week when i was in for service.

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Thanks for repliesDrove home after dark and instruments stayed bright.

Problem originally spotted around 5:00 on dreary rainy day. Lights on "auto." Wondering if the lights could have been jumping between two settings?

Same thing happened to me one early morning - lights were on 'auto' and, depending on the clouds/environment brightness, the lights turned 'off' and 'on' a couple of times before deciding to stay 'off'. In that case the 'headlight' dashboard light is lit (or not) , and the cluster adjusts to the state of the lights. All was fine, and probably is with your car. Easy check is to not put the lights in 'auto' and see whether it still happens. Good luck!

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