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Check Out My New Grill And Exhaust Pics

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Nice job :) .. especially like the look of the new exhaust ... please just for peace of mind tell me it doesnt sound like a bee on good and I know those hitches can be a pain..really can be if the bolts have been on long enough to sieze from the weather beating they take from being underneath. :angry:

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thanks, and yea they were seized and stripped...but one side was bent over from a tow or something. and no is doesn't sound like a bee on steroids lol (trust me..i would have taken it off the day i got it if it did!) its got a nice low tone to it.


Good deal ... looks good... very nice looking car. B)

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looks good. my hitch was easy. i just used qa air impact to loosen them and then hand unscrewed them. now getting the bolts back in that hung my exhaust sucked but it was ok i did it at my buddies valvoline so i could get under the car. dont even know why i had a hitch on mine. couldn't tow much mine was a small hitch


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