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Cruise Control


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Well my cruise control just doesnt work, normally i would be fine with this but i will be driving me and some friends down to gulf shores on spring break. Yes that is a long time from now but i would like to get it fixed now. When i press the cruise control button to turn it on it will flash on the instrument panel telling me that it is on...but wont do anything when trying to set the speed. What could this problem be?

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I have a few obvious ideas that you can check, and you might get lucky and be able to DIY. If it isn't one of the following, then you'll need to get a FSM and follow the flowchart procedures, or take the car to a tech. First check your fuses and relays to see if they're burnt or have corroded contacts. I suspect you won't find the problem here, since the cruise light comes on, but you never know. Second, get under the driver's side of the dash and check out the switches on the brake pedal. One will be for the brake lights (unless the brake lights rely on a pressure switch somewhere in the brake lines) and the other is for disconnecting the cruise when you tap the brake pedal. Check its connections for loose wires or corrosion, and make sure that its fastened correctly to its mount. Since it operates when you barely tap the brake pedal, it may be badly adjusted so that it turns the cruise off all of the time, rather than when you tap the brakes. Readjust its mount slightly should solve your problem, if this is the culprit. Next check the throttle body. Somewhere you will see where two cables wrap around a spring loaded half pulley. One of these cables goes to the accelerator pedal, the other goes to the cruise control module. Follow this cable back to the main unit and again check for corrosion on its electrical connectors. If, after cleaning its contacts and test driving to see if you've located the problem, this doesn't correct things, then you will need a tech to trace the system. Good Luck!

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