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Gs Interior All Leather?

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Been looking at the MB E350's and comparing them to the GS as we wanted a car to go with our RX350.

One thing that has suprised us is the MB's don't come with leather,the use a "MB-Tex" (vinyl!). Not sure I can buy a 40K car (been looking at the CPO 07's) that does not have leather.Do the GS 350 (GS430) have all leather on the interior parts that are covered (seats,door panels,center arm rest)?

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Leather seating area.

Leather under your behind and back.

The rest is vinyl on the seats.

With leather being coated with vinyl,it's not the real supple leather of years ago.

BMW's leatherette and MB's vinyl will wear better and look and feel like the leather of today.

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So there is vinyl in the GS's as well.Its my understanding that the E350(and 500) are vinyl (or MB Tex) on the fronts and sides of seats,glove and door panels unless they have the leather option which just puts inserts in the seats.

I really can't see using vinyl even if it wears better.I have seen both older S's and LS's that have leather that looks fine.

Now I am not sure,maybe I have to go with a MB S or LS,and just go a bit older (06)

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The 09 MB E Class comes with leatherette upholstery, thats almost a crime for a $50K car in my opinion. Most manufacturer use vinyl in the back and side of the seat even if it is leather seats. I sat in a E class with the eatherette upholstery and it just doesnt feel good. They can say all they want, I can tell its not leather and so can my wife.

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The GS interior is all leather, and it is not vinyl coated leather, its uncoated leather.

Auto manufacturers generally use vinyl on seat parts that don't get touched (the back of seats) but the seating surfaces, the armrest, the steering wheel, the shift knob, the door inserts, and the console base are all leather.

The LS for instance won't have any more leather than a GS unless it has the upgraded interior package.

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Really? It does on the least my ES.

Maybe its the GS460 that has the uncoated leather, it does have upgrade leather.

Aniline leather is simply dyed with pigment added for consistency in color, and shows imperfections in the hide, will fade out eventually in the sun, and wears fairly easily - not a good leather for cars, to say the least.

Semi-aniline leather is very lightly clearcoated, and is typically softer than typical coated leather. It is subject to wear quicker and easier than coasted leather.

Protected aniline leather (what most of us actually have in cars) are clearcoated, and are the best for wear, color consistency, etc.

The LS and GS460 has the better Semi-aniline leather.

I don't know about the ES.

Somehow the IS with ventilated seats has the Semi-aniline leather.;postcount=101

Maybe Semi-aniline leather is standard with ventilated seats. :(

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The new ES has the semi-analine leather in the Ultra Luxury package. My car doesn't have semi-analine leather, yet the seats ARE least to the point where a water droplet will soak in.

Then a conditioner will work for you.

I still use Zaino leathercondition even though it really doesn't soak in(except maybe in the perforation holes) because I like the matte finsih and scent it provides.

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