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Mylar Rain Guard Works!


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You know how when you crack open your window in the rain, it just comes right in?

The reason is that these cars don't have any rain gutter on the front edge of the side windows. The gutter starts to come in on the top edge but it's too late.

When you crack the window, the rain streaming off the sides of the windshield comes into the cabin.

The chrome trim that outlines the window and becomes the gutter is flush and tight along the front edge. This is tight enough to hold the deflector.

I got a clear plastic sheet from the hobby store (here's a link to the exact stuff CLICKY

That front edge has a bit of a curve to it, it's not straight. The way you get the curve is to cut about a two inch strip off the new sheet, fit that piece into place and with a thin marker mark the curve.

Take out the piece and smoothly cut that curve out. Throw the little waste piece away and now you have a perfect guide for making your deflector.

Take that piece and lay it onto the plastic and mark the curve. Cut that free and move the template over one inch. Mark and cut again. You now have your deflector.

It's 17 inches long, 1 inch wide and perfectly curved to the A-Pillar.

Slide it in between the chrome trim and the A-Pillar. it's tightest closer to the mirror but it's OK, it'll hold fine. Done! Now pray for rain like I had to because we got only 1.5" of rain in the last two months.

It holds perfectly at all speeds, doesn't flap or make any noise, it's practically invisible and it carries the rain all the way up to where the gutter picks it up. It works!

Nothing's as good as a Vent Visor but now, it's at least as good as any car with full gutters. Here's a pic. f3dsmt.jpg

Look close. Like I said, it's almost invisible. Cheers!

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