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'03 Es A/c Intermitant Failure


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Hey gang...

Today I noticed that the A/C didn't seem to be blowing as hard as it normally does, the air is still plenty cold but its like the fan isn't running as hard. Then all of a sudden, I stopped for gas and fired it back up and it wasn't blowing at all. After about 10 minutes it came back and blew a little puff of white smoke out of the vents and its back to working but at diminished fan capacity.

No A/C blinking fault light...fuses are fine, no obstruction in the cowl or at the filter.

Any ideas?

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With knowing nothing of how the system is configured, but knowing a thing or two about electronics, it sounds like something is up in the variable resistance control system of the fan motor (does the fan run normally when using other vent controls like ambient air or heat? Or is it fried at a lower level all around; I'd be surprised if it worked well with any other setting besided A/C; the fan control is usually independant)... it sounds like something caused the control system to build up resistance, which is why the fan started running slower... then it built up enough resistance to stop the fan from working at all, which then generated heat, and when it finally arc'd through and burned a connection again, it started the fan motor, thus blowing the little puff of singed smoke out at the same time. Usually when something like that happens, it's pretty final. I would be immensely surprised if your fan ever went back up to full speed without getting the failing component replaced.

The good news is it should be a discrete component that failed. If you disassembled the system, you should be able to readily identify the failed component... it'll be the one with heat scores and possibly signs of slight melting.

You must have gotten something in there that caused a short and arc'd out the system. Strange.

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