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I Am Leting Go...


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Well the time has come for a change, looking for something smaller like an IS 250.

What should I expect to get??

Specs: LS400 2000 (MILLENEUM EDITION, gun metal black grille & markings)No Nav, White & Grey two-tone with Beige leather interior with wood inserts, wheel, knob, HID, etc.

120.000 KM (Canadian car) See Avatar.

Running like a charm, Never had to use the extended warranty.(Now over)

If anyone can give me an accurate estimate it would really help me in working out next deal.

Would Ebay motors be something to look into??

Thanks in advance. :D

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There are plenty of websites that can give you a rough idea of your car's value including the following one that includes variations by province:

I've never found valuation websites to be particularly useful. Supply and demand in one's local area is what really makes the market. Generally, I've found the valuation websites show values that are substantially higher than in the real world.

Going from an LS to an IS sounds like a real shocker to me since they are completely different in the way they drive and ride.

I think our cars are very similar - same interior and exterior colors - but I don't remember if the Canadian LS400 Millennium Edition has the maple wood that my 2000 LS400 Platinum Series has.

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I was in your situation in June.

I needed to change to a commuter car, trying to see what my 2000 LS400 with 100,000klm was worth, just north of Toronto.

I switched to an almost new Mazda3, traded even. It retailed for $14k. Traded even.

I tried selling her myself, but they weren't lining up for a 9yr old car that most people needed to finance.

Wholesale, the best I was offered was $11k ... premium fuel was over $1.40/litre in June, and big cars/SUV's weren't selling.

Not much has changed since June ... gas has come down a bit, but large cars and SUV's are still a tough sell on dealer lots.

Me, I wish I'd kept my LS400.

Come August, I no longer required a commuter car. Damn, should've kept my Lexus ... tried to buy it back at

a profit for the dealer, but no go ... the Mazda dealer owner has the LS400 plated in his own name, and keeps it in Toronto as his

personal ride.

I found a superbly maintained 2000 ES300 from a Lexus dealer, so all at least I'm back in the family, so to speak.

This new car has never missed a dealer service stamp, and I can definitely use the FWD this winter. Last winter was absolutely

brutal ... even with 4 Blizzak's and lots of added weight, I had a few white knuckle rides in deep snow with the LS400.

So, my guess in the current Toronto market would be private party retail of around $14k, but you'd have to get lucky to find an

educated buyer who appreciates the LS400's longevity and efficiency, who can hand over unencumbered cash ... banks don't like

financing older cars

Wholesale ... good luck .... maybe $11-$12k tops, and that's optimistic.

The used market up here is definitely a buyer's market.

A year ago, in a different economy, your car would've retailed for around $18k ... that's what I paid for mine.

The rise of the CDN $ resulted in new car MSRP taking a dive, and that snowballed into declining used car values.

Best of luck ... I really hope you can get more value for your car than I was able to achieve for mine.

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Thanks for the reply fellows Yeah; you could say I am having mixed feelings about letting this car go. I am not 100% committed to trading in the lady…

However for those of you who have gone through a divorce and managed to get through it alive and somehow found a younger less worn out and better looking replacement…

I’ll admit it there is some envy in seeing a friend strutting around with some young great looking new toy.

Alas, an LS 400 still has some monetary value whereas the Ex will take every cent she can get her hands on!

The IS thing is more to get a sporty feeling car again, the gas use is comparable believe or not. My LS is using 12. L per 100Km average city/hwy according to the car computer, my highest average was around 14.5 with mainly city driving. (I don’t drive much)

The IS I test drove had a reading of 11.L per 100km however everyone test driving this car must have punched the accelerator as soon as they drove off the parking lot! I know I did…

My search for a replacement is kind of difficult being that I live in a city with limited dealerships of high end cars (one of each) The other problem is the fact that there are very few IS models out there so dare I say I checked out the Infinity, Volvo/Jag, BMW lots but definitely not the Benz dealership I had my service nightmare with them…

It’s all very time consuming and I hate the haggling but love to save a buck, I will get back to ye, heh heh. :D

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Change of heart :)

I have decided not to make a move for now, we have two gas misers right now so the big lady is just for my own pleasure and I know that kind of comfort, power and ride could not be replaced by a smaller sportier car that would make me feel younger... Thanks to all who showed interest and shared story's I know I would have missed the passion you all have for the LS series.

I gave the car a thorough clean up and detail and she looked so great out in the sun I thought to myself, this is a beautiful big car how can you think of selling it??


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