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Tire Sensors Going Off.

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Hey Guys,

My tire sensor warning light is on from the time I bought the car (about 1 week ago).

I checked the psi and re-filled all the tires with the correct recommended psi on the passenger door.

Then I choose the "main" tire sensor and did a initialization. Warning light still on and nothing seems to work? I did noticed that the tires are different in brand, as I bought this used, I'm not sure if they properly took out the tire sensor and put it on the new tires. How do we check? The warning thing is *BLEEP*ing me off.

Thanks for the help guys!

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If they changed tires the sensors should have just stayed in the wheels. They may have damaged one or got something on it so it doesn't work. The valve stems with the senors are metal as opposed to ordinary stems that are rubber. You could check that. Or maybe reset the car's ECU by disconnecting the negative (black) battery wire for 10 minutes and then reconnecting.

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To further enhance quality and safety, your Lexus is equipped with a direct-sensing Tire Pressure Monitor that helps ensure drivers won’t experience hazardous driving conditions or increased tire wear because of low tire pressure. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) consists of tire pressure sensors integrated within the air valve of each tire (each with a built-in semi-conductor to directly measure the tire’s, air pressure) an antenna and a monitor receiver that receives the tire pressure of all five tires (including the spare) and transmits signals to illuminate the tire pressure warning light and show the tire pressure warning message on the combination meter’s multi-information display.

If you have rubber valves appears you do not have the correct monitoring system.

Hope the above information helps.


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I only see the rubber valve stems on all four wheels. Does that mean the tire sensor has all been missing? :angry: :angry: :angry:

If all the TPMS sensor stems are like mine, then yes they are missing. Most tire shops always put new valves. I wouldn't think a shop wouldn't know about sensors but it's possible.

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