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Hood Rust / Carbon Fiber Replacement


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hey all,

has anyone had any corrossion problems with the hood? attached are some pictures. looks like my hood started to rust from the inside out. if you look closely you will see the inside lip is perforated. I think this is covered under the anti corrosion warranty. I am sure the dealer will baulk.

on that note. i have done a little research on carbon fiber as it is probably cheaper than buying a new/used stock hood and having it painted. anyone have recommendations to the effect? looks like seibon is nice. I want as close a look as possible to the stock (no vents etc.) with the best finish. how much weight does a cf hood shed over stock?

any advice as to either of the subjects above would be appreciated.





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Yeah, this has to be a finish defect. I'm sure they will just replace the hood. It's cheaper than the labor restoring the original one. And they have to warrentee the work afterwards.

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well, they did not replace the hood. the body shop cut out the rust and welded new metal in then sanded it down and painted it. the guy at the body shop said the rust is like cancer. maybe they got it all, maybe it will recur.

I can see it now, it rusts again in a year and the corrosion warranty is gone and lexus balks at the repair. i will hope for the best. i did spray silicone in the drains holes to try and keep moisture out.

i will of course post any updates.

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hi guys I just joined the forum...

I'm presently in the process of giving my car a make over and i need some advice I'm planning on getting a vented carbon fiber hood and i'm a lil concerned about water and its effects if any on my engine. Here are the links to the options i am lookin at:






so tell me what you guys think

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