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Hello all!

I am a brand new member and just got my first RX300. She is a pearl white 2000 model. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I never really looked at Lexus or anything prior to a couple of weeks ago, I knew they were nice cars/suv's but never gravitated towards them. I always really did like the looks of the RX300 and I needed a new suv for my business. So the search to find one commenced. Anyway after looking at several used Blazer's and Explorers, etc. I just couldn't believe what people wanted for these suv's. I mean I can't tell you how many 98-02 blazers I looked at with 100K miles that were not by any means perfect condition and they were asking 6K, and drove like crap. So I came across a Lexus RX300 and thought "eh, I'll give it a go" and I mean WOW, I was blown away. I was in love like it was my first car and I was 16 again lol. So I decided that was it I had to have one of these and nothing else will do. So this is my girl, she is a flawless 2000 model with just over 100K miles. She runs and drives as well as any new car I've ever been in or, probably better :) Anyway, glad to be a member of the club! Sorry the pictures were taken at night right after I brought her home.



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I don't want to be a wet blanket but do a search of the RX300 forum to alert yourself to mechanical conditions that MAY arise. After doing so, taking the RX to a well-respected independent mechanic for a diagnosis of potential problem areas might be a good move.

It is a good looking car and it obviously functions quite well presently. Keeping it that way right from the start is the goal.

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