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Forged Pistons


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From what I deal with, they all list the Pistons for the GTE, which since the block is the same from what I undersand, they SHOULD still work.. someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.. Not sure about head clerances though..

Weisco 8.25:1 Compressin

CP Forged 8.5:1 Compression

JE/SRP 8.5:1 Compression

That's what I have listed without digging too deep.

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The factory OEM pistons are indeed forged and resin coated. I know this as fact in the 2jz-ge inline six from 1992 to 1997. Anything above and beyond that, I'm not sure on. But think they are forged pistons into the the last model year. There is a performance specs. thread pinned up there that has all the details of the 1993 SC300 that basically holds true across all model years with the exception of a few body style que changes, creature comfort option addtions, and the introduction of vvt-i in 1998. Here is an excerpt:

225 hp

forged steel crank - held by seven main bearings

a two piece oil sump that actually adds rigidity

Acoustic control induction system (ACIS) varies the length of intake runners - long at low revs and short at high

5 speed manual or 4 speed auto with ECT

10.0:1 compression ratio

High strength hot forged connecting rods with oil jets

Resin coated pistions - large valve diameter

1.23 hp per cubic inch

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