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Cranks/ Turns Over But Doesn't Run


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After the last 2 months of my car sitting. I put a fresh battery in it, changed the ignition coils, Ignitors, distributor rotors, camshaft sensors, main ECU (3), fuel pump ECU, a used EGR valve. with out the car turning over. SO I checked for spark using the plugs that are in the car and got nothing, so I put some old plugs in and it finally turns over, I only had 4 old plugs, so I went and got the oem plugs Autolite double platnium. The car cranks and turns over but dies immediatly. I am getting the code 71 egr valve.

Also the battery ground wire was getting very hot, so I checked that out and added an additional ground for it along with a new terminal.

As well as pulled the alternator and had it tested and it was fine. But the wiring harness was pretty messed up, with wires exposed, so I fixed those.

The other thing is when I used to crank on the engine it was a very distict high pitched cranking sound, ever since I changed the ignition coils the sound is very baritone. And when I am cranking on it every once in a while it will come back very strong sounding, then the battery dies out.

Anything, Anybody

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