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Need Help With My Side Mirror

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my right side mirrow was hit today, and the mirror piece pop out (it's a '98 GS300)

I went to a dealer, they try but couldn't push the piece in all the way

this is what we've got to

there are 2 white poles that we were ok push in the holes, but couldn't push them in all the way, so the glass piece was not able to lock on

please help me guys, if anyone knows how i could fix this, driving without a side mirrow is really a pain :(


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might have to just scrap that one and buy one from a junkyard or ebay or the dealer or someplace ! was this a hit and run or why isnt the responsible party paying for this?


yea, it was park in a parking lot, and after i came out i saw the mirror falling...and i check around, no cameras were there, so...!Removed! happens, but since i don't think any part break so far, i don't really care who hit it as long this can be fix :S

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If none of the tabs are broken....then re-install in steps. Lock in the top first...then push in the bottom....or was that bottom first...then push in the top? I forget which has the tabs.


Yea, i am trying to loose out the screws and see if that makes any difference.

Actually, im going to give it a try now

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alright guys, I just went to my car and get this fix

I found the reason which i couldn't push the white piece in all the way, in order for me to lock the glass piece

just in case someone have the same problem later on, so I will be putting on a little explain here:

inside the mirror housing, there is a module(or a motor whatever you want to call it) with wires connect to it

on that module there are 4 screws on the side and 1 in the middle

in order to push in the white plastic cover piece onto it, u have to loose the screw in the middle of the module

which comes out with a spring and a cylinder-shape white plastic piece, and of course the screw

after this step, u can start to push in the 2 plastic poles into 2 black rubber holes on the module

(make sure u center the medal arm inside the rubber holes first, otherwise u may break it and ur electric. mirror control won't work even tho you put the glass back in)

then you can have the center fit in, then screw back the cylinder-shape piece, the spring, and the screw

now the last thing u have to do is slide the mirrow piece back on the white cover piece, if u can't see weather it's lock in or not

u can always take a look from the bottom, and after that just push until u hear the "click" and u are done!

whoo~my mirror is fixed with $0 cost! B)

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