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Rear Brake Pads


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:( I have a 2000 Lexus es 300 and I am trying to replace the rear pads. When I took the old ones off one side was half wore and the other side was completely wore . I depressed the calipher and one pad to the inside will go in but there is not enough room between calipher and rotor but have plenty room on the side to move over but I cannot get the calipher to slide over. Ther is one bolt on bottom to take out but I dont see any way to remove top bolt no head. How can I slide this over to get other pad on??????

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First, if your pads are wearing differently side to side, then the slide pins or the pads, or both are sticking and are not allowing the caliper to centre itself on the rotor when the brakes are applied. Removing that bottom bolt from the caliper allows the caliper to swing up free from the rotor. Then you slide the caliper towards the opposite side of the car to remove it from the other slide pin. (This pin has its own threaded end that is threaded into the caliper mounting bracket.) If any water has gotten in behind the slide pin rubbers and started a healthy rust, you may have to swing the entire caliper up and down forceably as you push it towards the other side of the car to remove it. Once off, you should wire brush the top slide pin and the bottom slide sleeve to remove all of the rust. Push the bottom slide sleeve out of its rubber covers in the caliper. Relube the slide pin and the slide sleeve liberally with silicone grease (it won't attack the rubber sleeves) before reinstalling them. Wire brush the chrome slide sleeves that the ends of the pads fit into n the caliper mount and use some anti seize compound on them to ensure that the new pads are free to move in their grooves from side to side. Be careful not to get any of the lubricants on the rotors. Good Luck!

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