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1992 Ls400


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I own a 1992 LS400 and recently the engine started giving me trouble. The symptoms are: once rpms idle down below 1000 they wont go back up again, even if floored. Eventually it will go but only after working the pedal back and forth for a while. Any clues what it might be? When this occures and pedal is pushed down the engine with throb back and forth without reving up.

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You're in the right spot blayd.

Sounds like the dreaded ' trunk wire harness ' issue again. Search the term. You'll nail it.


Here ya go:

"This same type of problem happened to me about a year ago. This smooth world class car started balking, cutting out, lurching, wild rpms, dash flickering, radio went out when hitting the brakes, just seemed ready for the junk yard. It happened all of a sudden. No warning.

I thought the engine was toast.

Now it's smooth as silk w/ 255,000 miles on it.

Open the trunk. On the left side you will see a wire harness on the left hinge. After repeated openings and closings the wires inside that harness become fatigued and frayed. Then they start shorting out. Then sputtering, stalling, and everything you describe. This is a design flaw and lexus knows it.

If this describes your problem, then remove the plastic bracket on the left hinge, strip down the harness, untwist all the wires, re-connect, then re-tape.

Make sure to leave off the hinge bracket that ensures tension on the harness. Just let the whole mess swing free and loose.

In my case, problem solved, and no spending thousands of dollars in diagnostics, parts, and tech snafus.

Best of all, it's free. Takes about 30 minutes."

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