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Question is a 1999 rx300 a good buy?

I don't know anything about lexus. I only owned vw/audi. How is a 1999 rx on repairs? Cheaper? Is it a better rig? I need it to tow 1-2 snowmachines. I read that the transmissions fail because they are car transmissions put in a suv, this true? I read a review that said to beware of lexus specific parts is this true?

That is the one I test drove and fell in love. lol 1999 Lexus RX-300

Oh yah and I plan to use the tow hitch on it to tow 1-2 snowmachines every weekend.

I just read my 2005 used car book from consumer reports and they threw the 99 rx300 on the most reliable list that is why I considered it.

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I don't think you will find anyone on this forum who will be able to tell you the 99 Rx300 is the best SUV for what you're interested in doing with it.

The 99-01 RX300 AWD models have the weakest transmissions as it is, never mind when towing :wacko: It's also a $4400 repair if, i mean when, the transmission fails. I'm pretty sure it's not a "car" transmission in the RX, but it's still a poorly designed and cooled transmission. There are members on this forum with excellent understanding of what "exactly" goes wrong with the transmissions, but to make a long story short, they suck.

Your link does not work by the way :(

Can you afford to look at the 02-03 RX's? We've all been told (or at least never heard of the tranny failing) with these model years.

Is the RX300 you're looking at a front wheel drive model or All wheel drive model? If it's AWD, look elsewhere for an SUV.

Lexus is an amazing brand, but the AWD 99-01 RX tranny's are a disaster waiting to happen. I could never recommend the 99-01 AWD RX if you plan on ever towing, or taking it out of the garage. You may get lucky, as some owners have been (somehow), but the lesser odds are still there...

if you still think you want the 99 RX you looked at, dispite the rest of the negative responses i'm sure you will have by morning, take a look at the transmission fluid, make sure it's bright red in color and doesn't smelled burned or anything. Make sure it has all the service records etc, run a carfax, look for paint/body work etc as you normally would when buying a car. You'd be taking a chance, but you may turn out ok! Remember, a 99 (probably came out in 98) is 10 years old; any car at 10 years old is going to have problems, so take that into consideration.

Good luck

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Using an RX300 as a tow vehicle is just begging for transmission failure. Early RX transmissions, particularly all-wheel-drive versions, are weak enough as it is. Add towing to the mix and you're flirting with disaster....

Search the RX forum on this site using "transmission failure" as your key words. You'll come up with enough reading material to convince yourself very quickly that "RX" and "towing" are mutually exclusive....

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