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Gs430 Won't Take Gas! Triggers Pump Shutoff

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I took my 2001 GS430 in for 90k service last week. After receiving it back, I was unable to put fuel in it without the gas station pump shutting off after less than half gallon. I have to repetitively to this to get any gas in it. I could hear the hissing sound of air pressure being released if I pulled the nozzle out after the shut off occurred. I took the car back and the dealer charged me $550 to replace the filler neck which they said has a pressure release valve that was probably the culprit. It didn't fix the problem. They have the car back and can't seem to locate what is wrong. They are waiting on a call back from Lexus support.

Any ideas on this? It is a very annoying problem. <_< Yes, I tried several different pumps at several different gas stations just to make sure.


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