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Help With Brake Problem


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I really need some help please :huh:

I purchased a 1991 LS400 about 1 year ago..I bought it with the trac light on :( I was told that it wouldnt hurt anything to have it on..Since buying it... Intermitently whenever I come to a stop at a light or stop sighn The brake pedal will very slowly go to the floor,depending on how long i am stopped. When it reaches the floor the Car will slowly start Moving until I release the brake and re-apply pressure again.. I Have Had my Toyota Dealer Change the Master Cylinder, and the Brake fluid bled 3 times...They then checked my Brake booster and said it was good but told me it was a Bad ABS controller and want 1900.00 to replace it :( ..sooo Then he said there might be a way to eliminate the abs completely and just fix it where the brakes would just work without having to have the ABS controller to push the fluid that holds the bakes..Does anyone or Has anyone had this problem before and if so are there any better ways and cheaper ways to fix this car?? Thank you in advance for any help.....Joe

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