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Harmonic Damper Pulley


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Hello all Lexus owners, I have a 1993 GS300. I am looking to replace my Harmonic Damper Crank Pulley. The dealer gave me a part number of 1340746020. I was looking at some underdrive crank pulleys on Ebay instead of stock part, are there any disadvantages to not using the stock pulley and going with an aftermarket one? I read somewhere that the pulley bolt is torqued to 180 ft lbs is that the correct figure for putting it back on and can I reuse the same bolt? Are the threads for the Bolt standard or reverse? I also saw on Ebay a Tool for holding the crank still while removing the bolt, Is this nessasary or can I remove the bolt without the tool? If I need the tool is there anybody out there in Phoenix, AZ area that has it that would be willing to sell, rent or lend it? If there is please shoot me a message I would really appreciate it. One last thing if anybody has one or knows where I can get a stock Damper pulley (cheaper than dealer) new or used please let me know also.

Thanks alot, Josh

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