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i was looking for a way to turn off the lights that are on all the time. is there a way to have all lights off during the day?



They have a courtesy service (as they call it) under the 50k mile cap. They (lexus tech's) hook up a handheld device and connect to the obd2 connector in the vehicle and shut off the drl's. I did it for my 06 gs 300, rwd, around the 25k mile mark. I wish they had a switch like they do in some toyota camry's that switches the drl's on & off.

Hope that helps!

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They have a courtesy service (as they call it) under the 50k mile cap.

Here is the policy from

"Lexus Personalized Settings

Your vehicle includes a variety of electronic features that can be

programmed to your preferences. Programming of these features is

performed once at no charge, provided you obtain the service at the

30 day/1,000-mile scheduled maintenance service. Programming of your

Lexus Personalized Settings requires special equipment and may be

performed only by an authorized Lexus dealership."

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