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Power Steering Whiny, Jerky, And Heavy... Help!


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So today when I was trying to fix my horn, I was trying to take the front off the steering wheel and so i was turning the wheel full lock left and right with the car off. Once I had finished putting it all back together I went for a drive only to find that the steering is now quite alot heavier, and that the power steering pump is making whining sickly noises when I turn the wheel, and last but not least the steering wheel is jerky and stuttery when turning sometimes.

I realise in retrospect I shouldn't have turned the wheel alot with the car off, but any suggestions as to what has happened or how to fix?



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this may seem a bit to obvious but sometimes you forget the simple things, did you happen to check your power steering fluid level? i know my car leaks ps fluid and if it gets too low it makes that whiny sound.

Yeah turns out it did need quite a top up. It sort of fixed itself tho, just left it for 24 hours and it pretty much came right. Must have just had air in there somewhere.

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